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Keeping Safe with a ROPS

A ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) keeps you safe on your tractor. While it’s probably not first on your mind as you drive into your field, tractor rollovers are the leading cause of death and injury on a farm. However, having … Continue reading

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Farm Incubation: A growing form of land access across the country

One of the most pressing issues facing young farmers today is not only land access but all the other investments that go along with getting a farm “off the ground.”  Farmers need tractors and implements, space for propagating their plants … Continue reading

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Primer on Plant Disease…

Every season has its challenges, but 2013 may go down in the Vermont record books for weather extremes. The dry spring, followed by ongoing heavy rains, high temps, and crazy humidity has left plants (and quite a few growers!) stressed. Here are useful links to more information about plant diseases that are emerging in our region. Continue reading

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Family Farm Transfers

As a new farmer, you may be considering working with an existing farmer to transition a farming operation.  This may be a transition of ownership from a parent or other family member, or you may be seeking tenure on an … Continue reading

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