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Spotlight on Golden Well: A Farm offering much more than vegetables

Early season rains are one of the pragmatic reasons why Nicole and Ryan have been looking differently at their farm, which they purchased in 2015.  For two years running, their farm, Golden Well, suffered a loss. In 2016, the bridge … Continue reading

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Thinking about a new farm business? Is an incubator program for you?

As the average age of farmers nudges 60 years, it’s clear that we need new and younger farmers. Incubator programs have sprouted up to meet this need, typically offering  training and support on a dedicated site, with mentor farmers available … Continue reading

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Outsmarting Quackgrass

Quackgrass, Elymus repens (L.) Gould, is a major problem in cropping systems across the United States and Canada. It is a persistent, perennial, cool-season weedy grass that has the unique ability to hide below the surface and suddenly invade an … Continue reading

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New Initiative Helps Real Estate Professionals Work with Farmers on Land Access

By Mike Ghia Vermont Field Agent, Land for Good There are many ways that buyers and sellers of farms make connections. Many farms are never advertised on the open market and sell by word-of-mouth or via long-term relationships between the … Continue reading

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Coaching and Business Planning Services

Looking for some help planning a farm business? The Intervale Center’s Farms Program and Beginning Farmer Program help new farmers overcome barriers to entry and promote the development of responsible farm management. Intervale’s Beginning Farmer Program offers information, assistance, and … Continue reading

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