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Working with beginning farmers since 1994.

Strong recruiting in a tight labor market

It’s April and the activity level on your farm is increasing fast. You pulled out the standard tools you use for recruiting your seasonal farm crew…you placed a few ads, called the local employment office, put up a few posts on … Continue reading

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Tips for a successful farm startup

Twenty years of observing new farmers has taught me that you are an enthusiastic, passionate, ambitious lot. This is a good thing because farming, especially in the early years, will take a toll — not just your body but your brain and … Continue reading

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Research in Progress: Unpacking the farm labor puzzle

October 2015.  One of the strategies new farmers often use to learn their craft is to observe and talk with other farmers that appear to be having success in similar operations. In fact, farmer-to-farmer learning has a very high preference … Continue reading

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Does Your Customer Share Your Worldview? Probably not…

You have passion for what you do! You love your product — not just a little but a whole lot! You are sure small-scale, diversified farming will save the local economy, the state, and heal the planet. And finally the … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Farm’s Greatest Asset

You sharpen the blades on your hand tools. You change the oil in your tractor. You check your fencing and water systems regularly to ensure your livestock is safe and cared for while out in the pasture. This is all … Continue reading

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