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Mark is a farm business management specialist with UVM Extension based in Berlin, VT. He specializes in business planning, farm financial analysis and agricultural economics.

Are You Collecting Sales Tax?

On September 21 the Times Argus printed an article called “Farmers, Vendors Face Back Sales Tax” It is important to understand that there are times when farms are exempt from sales tax and there are times when a farm is … Continue reading

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Check Margins Before Scaling Up

Farms start off at a small scale for many reasons but many owners realize they want or need to expand. Expansion  most often presents the potential to increase from a part time income to earning a full time income from … Continue reading

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What is Your Competitive Advantage?

A few weeks ago  I heard this quote from a colleague at a statewide farm business meeting, “It appears that the  market for seasonally available, high priced, high “values” [ attributes like humane, eco-friendly, family farm), mediocre quality livestock products … Continue reading

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Reduce Desk Time, Improve Management with Software

It is exciting to see so many software applications being developed to support farms. They just keep coming  faster than we can keep up with as educators. Farmers are adopting these systems to streamline office time, improve customer communication and … Continue reading

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Grants for Farm Record Keeping Systems : Part 1

UVM Farm Viability is pleased to announce current work on a special round of mini-grants for improving farm record keeping systems. With funding provided by the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education (RME) and the United States Department of Agriculture, … Continue reading

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