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Ben writes about land access, tenure, and stewardship issues that are relevant to new farmers in Vermont. He coordinates the Land Access Program at UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture:

Developing a Lease Agreement You Can Relate To

Farm lease agreements can be complex legal documents, but they don’t have to be.  Behind every legal provision there is a meaning, a purpose and a potential benefit to both parties of having such language in the lease.  I sometimes … Continue reading

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The Land that Produces Two Thousand

Can new farmers enable agricultural land in Vermont to be enrolled in the Use Value and Appraisal Program, otherwise known as Current Use?   If yes, they enable landowners to reduce their property taxes by 88% on average. First a quick … Continue reading

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New Spirit Farmland Partnerships Branches Into New England

As agricultural service providers, we are always intrigued by innovative models enabling farmers to acquire farms.  Farmland investment is one intriguing emerging option.   A new entity, called Northeast Farm Access, has formed to facilitate farm investment partnerships and farm access … Continue reading

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Word of Mouth Ways to Find Farmland

Seeking farmland?  The following is a brief reminder that a great farm opportunity might be hiding where you least expect it.  Some of the best opportunities are not on the open market, and they are not listed publicly.  They are … Continue reading

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Leasing From Non-Farming Landowners, Part I

  This series of articles presents considerations in working with non-farming landowners.  For new farmers interested in leasing land, we’ll go through some options for successful approaches to starting good working relationships.  Part I of this article series will focus … Continue reading

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