About the New Farmer Project

The University of Vermont Extension New Farmer Project is an effort to draw together information and resources within Extension and the broader Vermont Agriculture community that will assist new farmers iVermont New Farmer Project and Sproutsn creating successful ag businesses.

There are a tremendous number of resources available to farmers in Vermont, but finding the right information when it is needed can be a challenge for new farmers. By collaborating within Extension and partners in the non-profit and government organizations serving farmers, we’re working to bring together the most applicable information for new farmers and streamlining the process of getting it to you. One of our primary goals is to streamline your access to services and information that will assist you most.

3 Responses to About the New Farmer Project

  1. mel hastings says:

    I am excited to learn more about the New Farmer Project for women and I have a few questions:
    1) Are there age restrictions (is it for young women)?
    2) What are the specific locations in Hartland, VT and N. Haverill, NH?
    3) I want to start an organic medicinal and culinary herb farm and grow chem-free cut flowers-would that be appropriate for this training?

    It sounds like a GREAT course…thanks in advance for your time.

  2. Deborahlee Adams says:

    I am interested in Dairy Goats. I had a small scale farm in NY and we moved here and i would like to expand the dairy alittle more, find out about selling the milk & making soap. also other farm products we raise at farmers markets. I would love as much information & help i can get. I am not new to the milking & care aspect of my goats, just the marketing and Vermont laws. thank you

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