‘Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities,’ new book from USDA-SARE

by Dennis Kauppila, UVM Extension

Here’s a new edition of the book, ‘Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities: A guide to federal programs for sustainable agriculture, forestry, entrepreneurship, conservation, food systems, and community development.’

building sust farm ranch comm book image CompressedIt was just updated in October, 2014, to include programs from the 2014 Farm Bill. The press release tells us:

‘The 86-page guide covers 63 government programs…Each listing provides a description of the program’s available resources, information on how to apply…Additionally, the guide includes basic information on how to design sound projects, find appropriate programs and write grant applications.’

Here’s the link to the Guide, published by USDA’s SARE program, Sustainable Ag Research and Education. Download the book as a free pdf file.

Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities, USDA -SARE


About Dennis Kauppila

I work with farmers on finances. I started with UVM Extension in 1983, and have worked with hundreds of farmers on issues ranging from starting a farm, how to get a loan, leasing a farm, understanding farm finances, to retiring from farming. I teach 1 or 2 courses for farmers each winter. I am working with several farmers now on business plans, and I continue to work with many farmers on balance sheets and budgeting.
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