Drip Irrigation Resources

?????????????????Drip irrigation systems can save enormous amounts of water, thereby reducing wear and tear on pumping components and reducing energy inputs and cost.  This article from Penn State Extension points to potential water savings of 50% compared to overhead sprinkler systems, and covers other pros and cons of drip.

Here is another good comprehensive resource on drip irrigation principles, components, design and layout and maintenence that UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture Farming and Climate Change coordinator Joshua Faulkner shared at a recent irrigation workshop in Southern Vermont:  Drip irrigation systems for small conventional vegetable farms and organic vegetable farms .

Another free comprehensive online resource on drip I’ve found to be informative is: Irrigation Tutorials .

For further technical assistance and information on the topic of irrigation design and optimization, please contact:

Joshua Faulkner, UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture Farming and Climate Change coordinator, (802) 656-3495, joshua.faulkner@uvm.edu,

Ben Waterman, UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture Land Access and Resource Assessment specialist, (802) 656-9142, ben.waterman@uvm.edu, or

Chris Callahan, UVM Extension Agricultural Engineer (802)773-3349 ext. 277, chris.callahan@uvm.edu ,





About Ben Waterman

Ben writes about land access, tenure, and stewardship issues that are relevant to new farmers in Vermont. He coordinates the Land Access Program at UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture: http://www.uvm.edu/sustainableagriculture/?Page=begland.html=
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