Grants for Farm Record Keeping Systems : Part 1

UVM Farm Viability is pleased to announce current work on a special round of mini-grants for improving farm record keeping systems. With funding provided by the Northeast Center for Risk Management Education (RME) and the United States Department of Agriculture, 10 VT farms are receiving $200 – $400 to work with private consultants to improve their records systems.

Here is a short list of the projects underway. By fall 2013, UVM Extension will be coordinating workshops and webinars to show-and-tell how these projects went and what other interested farm owners can learn.

1.     A diversified farm is setting up their Quick Books accounting system to organize the income and expenses for the 3 core enterprises on the farm: beef, honey and maple. When the project is done, in addition to producing the regular whole farm profit and loss statement, they will be able to click a button and see how all 3 enterprises performed side by side. This will tell them which enterprise is making the most money and how it compares to the others.

2.     A beef farm is working with a processor to set up the  scale system at the processing facility to create an inventory sheet of the specific amounts and cuts that were produced, packed and labeled there at the facility. This project will provide detailed information on carcass yields and it is going to greatly simplify inventory management of all that beef.

Follow this link to the UVM Extension Farm Viability Blog, it takes you to the full length audio clip from a local radio broadcast about this grant program.


About Mark Cannella

Mark is a farm business management specialist with UVM Extension based in Berlin, VT. He specializes in business planning, farm financial analysis and agricultural economics.
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2 Responses to Grants for Farm Record Keeping Systems : Part 1

  1. Henry says:

    Mark, I have 5 acres in Punta Gorda, Florida near Fort Myres. I am looking to partner with someone to plant Pitaya and other low maintenance perennials. I have many of the plants and the permits to clear the 5 acres. If this is something you are interested in, or know someone, please advise, thanks, Henry Pollack

    • Hi Henry– Thanks for your interest. I’d encourage you to get in touch with your local agricultural organizations or the Florida Organic Growers. They will be better able to help you find potential partners and resources to help develop this opportunity.

      I hope our online resources are helpful to you.


      Jessie Schmidt
      VT New Farmer Project Coordinator

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