Never Underestimate Lightning

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When I got home from work yesterday afternoon I went to work in the vegetable garden.  I’ve been away on vacation, and oh how the weeds have grown!  I’ve been freezing beans, peppers and ratatouille made from the largesse picked while I was away.  I had barely gotten out there when I heard thunder.  I checked the sky, wondering if I had imagined the thunder – I hadn’t – it rumbled again, and then I saw the lightning.  I had read this very well written article by Vern Grubinger yesterday.  I remembered the 30-30 rule and headed indoors to safety.  Do read and heed the warnings; it truly is a matter of life or death.  Thank you, Vern.

Don’t Underestimate Lightning

By Vern Grubinger

A recent tragedy in my state serves as a reminder of the dangers of lightning. A teenager was hit by a “bolt from the blue” during…

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