Documenting Crop Losses from Flood

A note from Bob Parsons, UVM Extension Ag Business Management Specialist, on how to document farm crop losses…

  • Fill out the Agricultural Damage Assessment Form
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation.
  • Keep receipts to show investment was made in crop.
  • Get some pictures.
  • Document what was lost by weight, quality, quantity, etc.  For example, to prove there was a 50% loss, measure what was harvested.
  • We don’t know what disaster programs may (or if) become available, so think about how you would prove you had a loss.
  • For crops that may be harvested, document what you harvested by weight, quality, etc. This can be compared to previous yields or neighbors yields or yields on other fields to justify a loss.
  • Before destroying anything, I would suggest calling your local FSA office to check if anything may need inspections.

It is very important to document all of your crop and infrastructure damage with photos (before destroying crops or fixing structures) and any records you think may be helpful (quantities and value of crops lost, any receipts you have to show investments made in the crops etc…)

The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)’s Emergency Conservation Program  (ECP) provides emergency funding and technical assistance to counties and surrounding areas that have been declared Federal Disaster Areas, and may be able to provide assistance with flood-related  damage to conservation-related practices.  Contact your FSA representative  or the Sate FSA Office at: 802-658-2803

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWPP) may be able to provide assistance if you have property that is in imminent danger. Contact your representative  or the State NRCS Office at: 802-951-6796

You should also report all losses to your Town Clerk as they will be working with agencies to coordinate assistance.


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