Grazing Tips

Here are some practical fencing and safety tips for beginning graziers, courtesy of the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative and by Rob DeClue, NYS GLCI Area Grazing Management Specialist and Chenango County SWCD:

  • Never connect more than one energizer to the same fence.
  • Do not climb over, through, or under live fences; use established gates for passage.
  • Be especially careful to avoid body contact with live strands at head, neck, or back.
  • Keep children, in particular those at the crawling stage, away from all electric fences.
  • Never electrify barbed wire.
  • Select the lowest output energizer setting or model to achieve adequate animal control.
  • Do not connect the ground terminal of energizer to or within sixty-five feet (65′) of any other grounding system.
  • Install, clearly label, and instruct all staff on cut-out switches at crucial locations to enable quickly shutting off pulses to all or sections of the fence in case of emergency.
  • Consider non-electric fence alternatives in tight areas (e.g., barnyards) where livestock have difficulty in backing away from or are likely to be pushed into fence.
  • Check with local or state codes and regulations which may dictate stricter requirements.

About Beth Holtzman

Beth Holtzman is outreach and education coordinator for the UVM New Farmer Project the Women's Agricultural Network.
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