It’s time again for NE SARE Farmer grants

Due Date: December 18, 2007
SARE Farmer grants are a great way to do a little research, conduct an experiment, or try something a little risky and then pass along the results to other farmers. If you have an idea, WAgN staff are available to help you think through the proposal, offer assistance or help get you connected to a potential technical advisor.
The goal of the Farmer grant program is to develop, refine, and demonstrate new sustainable techniques and to explore innovative ideas developed by farmers across the region. Information gained from these farm-based projects may be used to redirect research priorities.
To apply, you must be a farmer in the Northeast SARE region. You need not be farming full time, but your operation should have an established crop or animal product that you sell on a regular basis. Nonprofit farms may apply, but the primary activity of the farm must be to produce and sell food under the kinds of economic constraints that affect commercial growers. Many community-supported farms qualify, but farms where the primary mission is educational normally do not.
The region is made up of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
A useful guide to developing a Farmer application, with examples and explanations of what makes a strong proposal, is our 44-page booklet: How to Write a SARE Farmer Grant Application. We also have a checklist for farmer grant technical advisors and a tip sheet specifically for for extension agents.
To learn more about past Farmer projects, you may view the national project database. This database allows you to sort by grant type, region, interest area, and a variety of other criteria. A useful bulletin on farm-based research is How to Conduct Research on your Farm or Ranch. To request printed materials and general background about SARE, call 802-656-0471 or send e-mail to
Fax and e-mail applications are not acceptable.
To obtain additional copies of the application, and a list of previously funded projects, write us at the above address, or call (802) 656-0471, or email


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